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Japan Partnership Kicks Off with Voicing-Over of Seven BLOSSOMS Lessons into Japanese

March 26, 2015

MIT BLOSSOMS has begun a partnership with teachers at the Higashi-Katsushika High School near Tokyo that will introduce new, more student-centered pedagogical teaching approaches, along with ideas about adapting educational technologies—including numerous online K-12 resources available from MIT. The BLOSSOMS team kicked off this partnership with a Skype presentation on March 26th and will visit the school in June. A first step in this partnership is the voicing-over of the following seven BLOSSOMS lessons that will be used by Higashi-Katsushika High School teachers in their classes once school re-opens for the year in early April. These voiced-over versions will be available on the BLOSSOMS website in mid-April.

  • Recognizing Chemical Reactions
  • How Big Is a Mole? Do We Really Comprehend Avogadro’s Number?
  • Flu Math Games
  • How Mosquitoes Fly in the Rain 
  • The Mystery of Motion: Momentum, Kinetic Energy and Their Conversion
  • You Can’t always Get What You Want: A Lesson in Human Evolution
  • From Psychology to Logic: Learning Computer Science in the Kitchen