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MIT BLOSSOMS Participated in the 3rd USA Science & Engineering Festival

May 6, 2014

MIT BLOSSOMS participated in the 3rd USA Science & Engineering Festival (April 26-27).This is the largest STEM education event of its kind in the United States, attracting 325,000 people over a four-day period, with 140,000 attending on both Saturday and on Sunday. The five BLOSSOMS volunteers, including Engineering Systems Division (ESD) PhD student Mac Hird, met with more than 1,300 visitors to the BLOSSOMS booth. Three of the volunteers were high school science teachers from the Washington, DC public school system, all creators of original BLOSSOMS lessons in biology. The fifth volunteer was a retired IBM engineer who has created two BLOSSOMS chemistry lessons. Approximately 200 of the 1,300+ visitors were high school science and mathematics teachers, many of whom had heard of BLOSSOMS. The majority of the others were parents, some interested in using BLOSSOMS lessons for homeschooling. Visitors were able to watch a variety of BLOSSOMS lessons. The two lessons “Flaws of Averages” and “Averages: Still Flawed,” by ESD doctoral alumni Rhonda Jordan and Dan Livengood, were among the favorites. Other MIT programs participating in the festival included MIT K+12 Videos, MIT OpenCourseWare, Club Chem (the MIT Undergraduate Chemistry Association), and MIT Society of Women Engineers.