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Three Lessons by Broad Institute Scientists Present Cutting Edge Cancer Research and Treatments

September 11, 2012

MIT BLOSSOMS is very pleased to announce the addition to its video library of three new lessons created by scientists at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. The first lesson in this series, “From Teenage to Old Age: How Cancer Develops over Time”, focuses on how cancer is caused by mutations that accumulate over time in cells’ DNA, how the genes mutated in cancer are involved in normal cell growth & division, and how different types of mutations affect the functions of these genes. The second lesson, “Making It Personal: Using DNA to Tailor Cancer Treatments”, explores how laboratory research can be used to determine which mutations have occurred in the DNA of the cancer cells, and how these findings can impact the treatments chosen for different cancer patients. The third lesson, “How Scientific Teams Develop New Anti-Cancer Drugs”, introduces students to the different kinds of scientists—biologists, chemists, cancer doctors—all working together in the various stages of drug discovery. BLOSSOMS is extremely grateful to Dr. Megan Rokop of the Broad Institute for her role in overseeing the development of these lessons.