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August 2011

What's New?

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Best Wishes from MIT BLOSSOMS as the New School Year Kicks Off!

New Video Lesson from MIT Shows that Energy Comes in Many Flavors
Dan FreyWhich contains more energy: a compressed car suspension spring or an ear of corn? In this BLOSSOMS video lesson, MIT Prof. Dan Frey helps you to answer this question and many more. Energy is the ability to do work. It comes in two basic flavors: kinetic or potential. Kinetic is happening now; potential is stored—in foods, in springs, at heights, etc. The two basic flavors have many sub-flavors. In this video the teacher and students will be 'tasting' five of them, and learning how to make rough engineering estimates of the amounts of energy stored or consumed in things all around us. It's an energetic eye opener! And it is very insightful about making rough order-of-magnitude estimates. Watch it now.

BLOSSOMS Lessons Added to Florida Resource
Data Base

Project CPALMS, is building web-based infrastructure for standards-driven planning, instruction, and assessments. Each submitted BLOSSOMS module is reviewed carefully by a panel of content experts. Certified BLOSSOMS modules (6 to date) are posted on the system and on web pages of Florida's Department of Education. This disseminates all across Florida and beyond. The certified modules are also disseminated into the National Science Digital Library (NSDL).

Learn about Biological Engineering with Online Resource from MIT
BioBuilderBioBuilder is an open-access website offering informative animations and activities for anyone who wants to teach or learn about biological engineering. Short animations show the interaction between a lab scientist, Systems Sally, and an excited young learner, Device Dude. Their brainstorming sessions at the whiteboard and in the laboratory teach relevant topics: science, engineering, technology, and community. Educational materials include web-based animations, in-class discussion and laboratory activities, and a community forum for the exchange of data and best practices. Introductions and instructions for students as well as workflow and assessment tools for teachers are provided. Check it out.

First Two BLOSSOMS Video Lessons from Saudi Arabia Up on Website
We are delighted to have on the BLOSSOMS website the first two video lessons from our partners in Saudi Arabia: “Selfish Drivers: Braess Paradox and Traffic Planning” by Dr. Jawad Abuhlail; and “The Magic Picture: Steganography in Bitmap Files” by Abdullah Seddiq. Currently these lessons are available only in Arabic, but we look forward soon to having versions with English subtitles. These are the first two of 20 BLOSSOMS video lessons to be made by our Saudi partners.

Coming Soon to

Plants and Environmental Resources

DNA imageTissue Specific Gene Expression

Rational Numbers versus Irrational Numbers

Video Teacher
How small is smallDr. Fadwa Odeh is an Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Jordan in Amman. Dr. Odeh is a physical chemist specializing in NMR techniques to characterize and monitor surfaces and colloidal systems. Her research is focused on drug delivery vehicles and nanoparticles. Her ongoing research involves Targeted Delivery of Macromolecular Drugs to Cancer Cells and Surfactant-Enhanced Polluted and Waste Water Remediation. Watch her BLOSSOMS video lesson, “How Much Small is Small?” in a version voiced-over into English.

Principal Investigator,
Richard Larson 
The Washington Examiner published the following Op Ed entitled “STEM, Teachers and the Boston Shoe Maker”. Read it here.