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November 2011

What's New?

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Participants Gather at MIT to Discuss "STEM: What Works, What's Broken, How Do We Fix It?"
STEMWorkshop participants included STEM experts, teachers, and policy makers from around the country. Presentations outlined innovative STEM programs being implemented in Florida, Nevada, Washington, Ohio, Washington, DC and Massachusetts. There was consensus that current weak STEM results from the national K-12 education system represent a severe national security threat—and that improvement will require concerted efforts from many individuals and groups. Read article.

Laboratory Protocols Resource Available from MIT Department of Biology
This site provides seven laboratory protocols that have been specifically designed by MIT scientists and high school science teachers for use in high school and middle school biology classes. Check them out.

BLOSSOMS Lesson on Static Equilibrium Now Available in English Voiced–Over Version
Static EquilibriumTaught by Professor Hassan Al-Juwhari of the University of Jordan in Amman, this video lesson teaches students about static equilibrium by exploring what is meant by translational equilibrium and rotational equilibrium and whether an equilibrium is Stable, Unstable, or Neutral. Applications of this phenomenon to real life are also examined, emphasizing how important balance and stability are in many realms, including engineering, construction, manufacturing and for all living creatures. Watch here.

MIT Department of Chemistry Offers "Experimentals" Resource
This site provides information on the chemical demonstrations that are presented to MIT area high schools by graduate students in the Department of Chemistry. The presentations include sections relating to polymers, naturally occurring compounds, temperature and pressure, and light. These demonstrations have been selected for both their visual appeal and their relevance to everyday life. See them here.

Coming Soon to

It’s Hip to Be Squared: Quadratic Equations

Sand DunesThe Geometry of Parabolic Sand Dunes

Waves: Propagation and Superposition

Meet Two MIT BLOSSOMS Video Teachers
Geologic TimePhoebe Cohen is the Education and Outreach Lead for MIT’s NASA Astrobiology Team. With a Ph.D. in paleontology and experience in informal science education, Phoebe develops educational content and facilitates the outreach initiatives of her Team. Francis MacDonald is an Assistant Professor of Geology in the Earth and Planetary Science Department at Harvard University. Francis' research focuses on the interactions of climate, life, and ocean geochemistry in deep time. Both are committed to promoting a greater understanding of the natural world. Watch their video, "Geologic Time".
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