MIT BLOSSOMS Embarks on Global Connected Learning Initiative

Publication Date: 
June 6, 2017

BLOSSOMS is partnering with the Technion’s Learning Technologies Group to develop, implement and evaluate a model for technology-enhanced project-based learning (PBL) that will promote social constructivist teaching, scientific thinking and motivation towards STEM-related careers. This joint project will explore an integrative approach for effective utilization of two complementary online environments for project-based learning - MIT BLOSSOMS online video lessons and Technion’s AugmentedWorld. AugmentedWorld is a location-based social networking platform, built on a geographical information system. It is designed to facilitate project-based learning by: generating and uploading real world problems; generating inquiry questions; creating dynamic information points on digital maps; and providing online peer-assessment within a community of learners. It is an open and flexible system that allows users to generate their own contents and add layers of information via text, images, and videos. The goal of this joint global education project will be to develop an online learning model that can facilitate STEM education involving real world, real-time scientific research with expert scientists and fellow students from diverse nationalities.