Two Winning Concepts Selected in BLOSSOMS IAP Student Contest

Publication Date: 
February 15, 2009

Pictures of event participantsA great time was had by all on January 16th when seven finalists in the BLOSSOMS student IAP contest came together to present their concepts and designs for a BLOSSOMS interactive learning module. Two winning submissions were selected, including one entitled ‘”The Flaws of Averages” by Dan Livengood and Ronda Jordan of the Engineering Systems Division (ESD) and the second entitled “Introduction to Cryptography” by Dan Sturtevant, also of ESD. The creators of each winning submission were awarded a check for $500, as well as the opportunity to produce their winning modules as part of the initial BLOSSOMS repository of interactive learning videos. Other finalist submissions included the following topics: Training Our Intuition; the Monte Hall Three Door Problem – Dealing with Probability and Uncertainty; The Golden Ratio; From Video Kinematics to Orbital Mechanics; and Game Theory.

Click on here to watch video of the final day of the contest.