Green Chemistry

Length: 4 Weeks for Each Lesson Part
Grade Level: High School
Subject Areas: Chemistry, Environmental Science


Key Concepts & Knowledge


Project Dashboard

Key Concepts & Knowledge


Sequence of Project Activities

Part 1: Lifecycle Analysis

  • Introductory BLOSSOMS Video
  • Defining Green Chemistry
  • Begin Glue Making Lab Experiment
  • Reflecting on Environmental Impact
  • 12 Principles of Green Chemistry
  • Sustainability Concepts
  • Introduction to Lifecycle Analysis 
  • Open & Closed Loop Lifecycles
  • Choose & Research a Commercial Product and a Sustainable Alternative Product
  • Create Research Poster or Power Point Slides for Presentation to School or Wider Public 
  • Peer Evaluations

Team Summative Assessment


Part 2: Product & Experimental Design - Are Mushrooms the New Styrofoam?

This is an optional extension in which students apply engineering principles to develop and test a sustainable, polystyrene substitute product.

We stongly suggest that teachers begin with Part 1 and plan to do Part 2 at a later date.

  • Cradle-to-Cradle Design Video(s)
  • Ecovative Design Video & Website
  • Review Open & Closed Loop Lifecycles
  • Comparison-Contrast Discussion
  • Begin Product Design
  • Develop Experimental Protocol
  • Use Grow-It-Yourself Products
  • Monitor Mycelium Growth
  • Create Flowchart for Product Testing
  • Conduct Product Testing & Gather Data
  • Complete Calculations & Results
  • Presentation

Team Summative Assessment