Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter


Prof. Mohammad El-Khateeb
Chemistry Department
Jordan University of Science and Technology
Irbid 22110

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This video lesson aims to motivate students about chemistry and to raise their awareness about how chemistry helps in solving certain environmental problems. In this lesson, the air pollution problem created by cars and other vehicles is presented. The lesson will highlight causes of this problem, harmful products from it and possible solutions. There will also be discussion of ways to convert the pollutants produced by burning oil in vehicles into more friendly products. This lesson will require about 50 minutes for completion, and there are no materials needed. For prerequisite knowledge, it is important that students understand some chemical reactions, are familiar with element symbols, and can differentiate between solids, liquids, and gases. During the in-class periods between video segments, students will be challenged to answer questions and work out problems based upon the information they have received.

Instructor Biography

Mohammad El-Khateeb is a professor of organometallic chemistry, interested in the synthesization and characterization of model compounds related to the removal of pollutants from air.

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