The Disease of Our Time: Diabetes

The Disease of Our Time: Diabetes



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Rashed Naeem Hamzah
Biology teacher
The Ahliyya School
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

*This video was sponsored by Saudi Aramco and produced by Sultan Bin Abdel Aziz Science & Technology Center

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This lesson presents a comprehensive overview of diabetes, including the causes of—as well as the biological processes leading to—this widespread disease. Students will learn about the symptoms of diabetes and will become knowledgeable about healthy behaviors that can lead to the prevention of the disease. They will also become informed about normal and abnormal blood sugar percentages. Students taking this lesson should have some familiarity with the workings of the Endocrine system, the Parathyroid glands and the Pancreatic gland. During breaks, students will work with the KWL table strategy, will engage in small group discussion on several critical factors related to diabetes, and at the end, will be asked to design a logo, a poster or a flyer to provide advice and help to people in avoiding diabetes.

Instructor Biography

Rashed Hamzah is from Amman, Jordan and he finished his university study at Poona University in India. He has been teaching for 25 years, first in Kuwait, then in Jordan and currently in Saudi Arabia.

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