Electrochemistry: Electroplating

Electrochemistry: Electroplating


Hafizah Binti Nasir
Mohd Fared Bin Samin 
Muar Science School 
Muar, Malaysia

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The aim of this lesson is to introduce the concepts of Electrochemistry and Electroplating and to present their applications in our daily lives. Students are encouraged to construct their knowledge of Electroplating through brainstorming sessions, experiments and discussions. This video lesson presents a series of stories related to Electroplating and begins with a story about house gates as an example of the common items related to the Electroplating topic. Prerequisites for this lesson are knowledge of the basic concepts of electrolysis and chemical equations. The lesson will take about 60 minutes to complete, but you may want to divide the lesson into two classes if the activities require more time. 

Instructor Biography

Hafizah Binti Nasir is a chemistry teacher from Muar Science School, Malaysia. She has been teaching since 2007.

Mohd Fared Bin Samin is an Information, communication and technology (ICT) teacher and Malay Language teacher from the same school - Muar Science School. He has been teaching since 1992 and is now acting as the ICT coordinator in his school.

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Additional Online Resources

Chemistry LibreTexts: Electroplating
This site by Chemwiki, presents an excellent overview of Electroplating and of the ways in which Electroplating is used in a variety of fields in our daily lives.


Home Science Tools: Electroplating: Copper-Plated Key
This url from Home Science Tools provides easy directions for an activity to copper-plate a key.

YouTube: Electroplating Animation
This short animation provides a very clear and simple explanation of gold plating a piece of metal