Sustainable Energy: Can Water be the Future Fuel?

Sustainable Energy: Can Water be the Future Fuel?
English Voice-over


Ahmad Al-Ajlouni
Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Applied Chemical Sciences
Jordan University of Science and Technology
Irbid, Jordan

Lesson Feedback


The main objective of this video lesson is to bring the students' attention to the importance of basic and natural sciences in our lives. The lesson will introduce a topic (sustainable energy) that is related mainly to chemistry and is not usually covered directly in a high school curriculum. We hope that this lesson will show students how important and useful the natural and basic sciences are not only for our daily lives, but also for sustainable development. The lesson will present creative and challenging ideas on the topic of alternative energies. It is hoped that students will be inspired by the introduction of these ideas, and that they will develop the confidence to come up with creative ideas themselves. Background for this lesson is based on fundamental concepts in chemistry (mainly), biology, physics and environmental science. The lesson can be completed in a 50-60 minute class and includes 6 segments, with a challenging activity for the students between segments. These activities will take almost half of the time, approximately 20-25 minutes, with the students working in groups of 2-4. The students should discuss the challenging questions and exchange ideas with each other, and be ready for the next segment.


Instructor Biography

Ahmad Al-Ajlouni received his Bachelor and Master degrees in chemistry from Yarmouk University (Jordan) and a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Iowa State University (Iowa/USA). He did a post-doctorate research at Kent State University (Ohio/USA) and worked as a visiting assistant professor at Kent State University and Kansas State University (Kansas/USA). He joined Jordan University of Science and Technology as assistant professor in 1999, and was promoted to an associate professor (2004) and a professor (2009).

Ahmad Al-Ajlouni 在Yarmouk大学(约旦)的化学系获得了学士和硕士的学位,并在美国Iowa州立大学获得了无机化学博士的学位。他在美国Kent 州立大学(美国/俄亥俄)进行博士后研究工作,并在Kent 州立大学和堪萨斯州立大学(美国/堪萨斯)以访问助理教授的身份进行工作。他在1999年作为助理教授加入了约旦理工大学,并在2004年晋升为副教授,2009年晋升为教授。

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