Is There A Connection Between Computer Network Topologies And A Malaysian Wedding?

Is There A Connection Between Computer Network Topologies And A Malaysian Wedding?

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Graph Theory


Dr. Zaleha Abdullah
Juhazreen Junaidi
Norah Md. Noor
Dr. Noor Azean Atan
Dr. Mohd Nihra Haruzuan Mohamad Said
Dr. Shaharuddin Md Salleh

Faculty of Education
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Lesson Feedback


The aim of this video lesson is to teach students about the different topologies of computer networks and how they function. The approach that is used is highly correlated with common knowledge about weddings and the local Malay culture associated with weddings. Students should be able to relate the act of delivering food to a large crowd of people to the basic principles of network topologies and the method of data transfer within each type of topology. The lesson will begin in a classroom with students working in small groups, answering assigned questions. Teaching aids such as color cards will be used. One student from each group will be appointed as the wedding event manager, and she/he will have to discuss and act out with group members in order to answer more challenging questions. At the end of the lesson, students will be asked to come up with their own version of a hybrid computer network topology. The lesson concept taught here not only educates students on computer topologies, but also introduces students to an important cultural perspective of Malaysia. Above all, this video is designed to assist students with their study of Computer Literacy in schools. The lesson will take up to 60 minutes to complete. Materials needed include: 10 red cards representing waitresses; 10 green cards representing waiters; 10 blue cards representing tables in the hall; a sketch book; and classroom tables and chairs.

Instructor Biography

Dr. Zaleha Abdullah and the Educational Multimedia Team are academic staff at the Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). They are particularly interested in developing multimedia education software, education websites, and multimedia teaching aids. Each of them specializes in their own field and is active in research activities in the areas of personalized learning, human computer interaction, ICT Based Instruction Design, E-learning, Web Technology, and Online Education. 

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