Why Is the Natural Logarithm e Called “Natural”?

Why Is the Natural Logarithm e Called “Natural”?


Rongxiu Huang, Math Teacher
Verakin High School of Chongqing, China
黄荣秀, 数学老师,

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This lesson is about natural logarithm e. The lesson introduces the concept of e and some applications of e in real life, such as the marriage selection problem. The objective of this lesson is to understand that e is natural. Through this class, students should be able to learn how to calculate compound interest and how to apply the probabilistic method to obtain the optimal solution in the marriage problem or similar problems. As a prerequisite to this lesson, students need some basic knowledge of power calculation, interest calculation, classical probability and calculus. This lesson takes about 50 minutes. The class activities include compound interest calculation and a card playing game, etc. Students only need some paper, pens and calculators for the class activities.

这是一堂关于与自然对数的底数e的课,这堂课向大家展示了e的产生的实际背景和与婚姻有关e的实际应用。本节课的目标是了解e是自然的。希望能通过这堂课, 大家学会复利的计算方法,并且能够了解如何在婚姻问题或者招聘中应用概率方法取得最优解的方法。上这节课之前,学生需要一些幂运算、利息计算、古典概率的基本知识和一定的微积分相关知识。这节课大概需要50分钟可以完成所有的活动和视频观看。学生活动包含如解复利计算的应用题,还有翻纸片猜数字的游戏。活动材料需要一些纸片、计算器、草稿本、和笔。

Instructor Biography

Rongxiu Huang liked Math in middle school so she chose Math as her college major. She has taught high school math for eight years and has loved teaching very much. She is interested in studying teaching theories, especially new pedagogies. She is pleased to present her BLOSSOMS lesson to you, which is fun, encourages self-directed learning and enriches the learning experience.


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