Workshop Facilitator Guide

This guide was developed with the intention to be used with grade 6-12 science teachers (in-service and preservice), coaches, and administrators with a goal to support professional learning of three-dimensional instruction. It is designed to provide a step-by-step approach to conducting and facilitating a BLOSSOMS Teacher Professional Learning (TPL) Workshop. In this TPL workshop, the facilitator leads participants through an NGSS-aligned physics lesson, "Hanging by a Thread", in the same manner as a teacher would presnt that lesson to students in a classroom.. The TPL participants experience, discuss, and learn how the integration of the three dimensions of NGSS work together in the same manner as students explain phenomena and solve problems. TPL participants will use the crosscutting concepts as a lens with which to focus on a specific aspect of a phenomenon, the science and engineering practices as tools to “figure out” the phenomenon, and apply their learning towards a deeper understanding of the disciplinary core ideas of science. In the afternoon session of this TPL, teachers will have the opportunity to begin work on aligning their own lessons to NGSS. The goal of this BLOSSOMS TPL is for participants to come away with a deeper understanding of the three dimensions of NGSS by experiencing firsthand:

  • the shift in instructional approach from teacher-focused to student-focused
  • a clear demonstration of how the three dimensions are integrated within a lesson 
  • the opportunity to view that lesson being presented in a live classroom with students 


  • Workshop Facilitator Morning Guide (PDF format, Word format)
  • Workshop Facilitator Afternoon Guide (PDF format, Word format)
  • Model Coaching Template (PDF format, Word format)
  • Blank Coaching Template (PDF format, Word format)
  • Secondary Crosscutting Concepts Matrix (PDF format)
  • Secondary Science and Engineering Practices Matrix (PDF format)