Simulation 4: R0 = 1.5

The following simulation was custom developed and designed specifically for the MIT BLOSSOMS Project to build on the concepts covered in the video lectures.

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Simulation Parameters:

Parameter Description Allowed Values
N Population Size Input Value: Between 4 and 50
R0 Basic Reproductive Number Fixed: 1.5

Simulation Description:

In this simulation, you will experiment with flu spread with a basic reproductive number fixed to 1.5. You can run the simulation by varying the population size and observe the flu spread. An important difference between this simulation and Simulation 2 is that a newly infected person infects 1 or 2 people on a random basis (which keeps the average of R0=1.5).

Simulation Instructions:

  • You may wish to switch to full-screen view using the icon Full Screen Icon on the top right corner.
  • Throughout the simulation, you will be directed to next steps.
  • The top bar shown above has the following items:
    • List of parameters used and their values
    • A timer that shows the progress of time in days. When the simulation is running, you could choose to pause the run, then replay it using the 'Pause/Play' button underneath the timer.
    • A color-coded legend indicating the numbers of each state in the population as the flu spreads.
  • At the end of a simulation run, you may view a report on the flu spread statistics along with a graphical representation.
  • You may re-run the simulation on a different population size by pressing the 'Reset' button.