A BLOSSOMS-related Video

Earthquake Education in the Global Persian Community

BLOSSOMS-like Earthquake Video Lessons

Earthquakes are the pulse of a vibrant and dynamic planet. The livelihood of the Earth can be appreciated through the study of earthquakes and other natural phenomena. With the knowledge we gain from studying earthquakes, we can start to understand and reduce their impact on society. Our earthquake lessons are designed to educate students and teachers with little or no pre-existing knowledge of Earth and space sciences, so that they may protect themselves in the event of an earthquake. Our curriculum consists of pre- and post-assessment activities, six directed inquiry-based science activities describing physical processes related to earthquakes, five interactive activities on earthquake hazards and mitigation strategies, and a codification art/literacy project. Each earthquake hazards lesson includes a Tabletop Exercise, which is a scenario that incorporates the occurrence of a particular type of hazard into a realistic chain of events that a student may experience during an earthquake. All lessons are optimized for scientific content, ease of implementation, appropriateness to the targeted grade levels (middle and high school) and cultural sensitivity.

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