Physics Resources

Physics Resources

Newton’s Laws of Motion and Car Physics
This resource, entitled Newton’s Laws of Motion and Car Physics, provides a large amount of interesting educational material on each of the Three Laws.

Universe and More
Interactive physics games created by an AP physics teacher.

Hosted by ShareMyLesson,this site provides almost 2000 physics resources, including activities, worksheets, games, lesson plans, puzzles, posters, presentations, assessments and other ideas for you to use with your high school students.
The is a comprehensive physics and astronomy online education, research and reference web site. In addition to providing high-quality content, is a meeting place for professionals, students and other curious minds.

The Physics Classroom
The Physics Classroom Tutorial is an online physics tutorial written for high school physics students. The Tutorial covers basic physics topics using informative graphics and an easy-to-understand language. Each unit is broken up into lessons and sub-lessons.

The Particle Adventure
An award winning interactive tour of quarks, neutrinos, antimatter, extra dimensions, dark matter, accelerators and particle detectors from the Particle Data Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Einstein Online
Einstein Online is a web portal with information about Albert Einstein's theories of relativity and their coolest applications, from the smallest particles to black holes and cosmology.

Institute of Physics
Experiments can sharpen students' powers of observation, stimulate questions, and help develop new understanding and vocabulary. This website is for teachers of physics, enabling them to share their skills and experience of making experiments work in the classroom.

PhET Interactive Simulations
PhET Interactive Simulations is an ongoing effort to provide an extensive suite of simulations to improve the way that physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math are taught and learned. The simulations are interactive tools that enable students to make connections between real life phenomena and the underlying science that explains such phenomena.

ComPADRE Digital Library
The ComPADRE Digital Library is a network of free online resource collections supporting faculty, students, and teachers in Physics and Astronomy Education.

Physics is Phun
Physics is Phun lists websites for teachers that provide a variety of interactive simulations, experiments and ideas—all designed to help students better understand the underlying concepts of physics.