User-Centered Design


What problems exist in my community? How can we address these problems within the community?

Students become designers in this multi-week User Experience project. Students learn to interview, collect data, extract information effectively, brainstorm, create and test their ideas based off MIT’s D-Lab User-Centered Design process. 

Sequence of Project Activities

  • Watch the BLOSSOMS video lesson User-Centered Design: Creating Better Solutions for Global Challenges
  • Teams are created through through deliberate team-building strategies
  • Identify Cluster patterns from interview information gathering techniques
  • Cluster patterns in their interview information
  • Formulate the question of the root problem instead of symptom-based questions
  • Identify sources of problem
  • Brainstorm solutions
  • Methodically choose best solution
  • Create process or prototype
  • Test process or prototype 
  • Finalize process or prototype with presentation