NGSS For Teachers

MIT BLOSSOMS has created the five lessons below to support STEM teachers by demonstrating the three-dimensional instruction required in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Each of these lessons was developed around a specific standard, and the resources included in these pages are intended to illustrate the thinking that went into constructing each lesson to align with NGSS. We are hopeful that these resources will be valuable in guiding STEM teachers as they work to align their own classroom lessons with NGSS. We encourage teachers to refer to the BLOSSOMS Coaching Template which is designed to help them adapt their lessons by clearly defining what the students are doing and what the teacher is doing.

We also believe that these resource materials could be used as the basis for a Teacher Professional Learning (TPL) workshop for NGSS and have included a Workshop Facilitator Guide, plus accompanying resources, developed for this purpose.

Click a video below to view the BLOSSOMS lesson and the "Instructional Resources" button underneath to see the NGSS Instructional Resources for that lesson.

Hanging by a thread

Variation Is Essential

3-2-1 Blast-Off

CO2: Find Out What It Means to You!

Sea Level Rise: The Ocean’s Uplifting Experience