Out for Shopping: Understanding Linear Data Structures

Out for Shopping: Understanding Linear Data Structures


Tanzeela Ali
Software Engineer - i2c Inc
Visiting Faculty Member - Superior University 
Lahore, Pakistan

Syed Wasif Raza 
Software Engineer - i2c Inc
Teaching Assistant - Forman Christian College
Lahore, Pakistan

Mehak Ali 
Bachelor degree student in Information Technology. 
Punjab University College of Information Technology
Lahore, Pakistand

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This lesson is designed for students just learning about data structures. It teaches them by relating the topic to real life situations and implementing it in many scenarios where there is a need for data storage. Here the familiar event of shopping is used to illustrate the several examples of linear data structures under discussion. This real life experience of shopping illuminates many problems where data needs to be stored in different containers. The lesson will help programming students have a basic understanding of linear data structures and how to decide which structure will be more appropriate for a particular problem. Classroom activities will involve students in the implementation of lists, stacks and queues and will enable them to discover the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Instructor Biography

Tanzeela Ali graduated in BS Computer Science with a Gold Medal from Superior University in Lahore, Pakistan. She has a great interest in programming & mathematics. She currently works for i2n inc (http://www.i2cinc.com) as a Software Engineer. She is also serving Superior University as a visiting faculty member where she teaches courses related to programming, especially those related to JAVA. 

Syed Wasif Raza graduated Magna Cum Laude from Forman Christian College with a degree in Computer Science. His area of interest for research is Computer Vision and Machine learning. Wasif loves programming, and is keen to learn new things and technologies. He currently works as a Software Engineer for i2c inc, a software firm in Lahore, Pakistan.

Mehak Ali is a student of Information Technology, currently studying at Punjab University College of Information Technology. She has a strong interest in programming and web development.

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