Plants and Environmental Resources

Plants and Environmental Resources


Sara A. Alzahid
21 Intermediate School
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

*This video was sponsored by Saudi Aramco and produced by Sultan Bin Abdel Aziz Science & Technology Center

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Earth contains a variety of plants to provide food, medicine and, most importantly, energy sources for humans. In this lesson, students will categorize plants by their components and shapes. Additionally, they will learn the mechanisms behind the making of medicines and bio-fuels. It is important that the students have prior knowledge of the plant cell structures and functions. The video duration is 21 minutes, during which the students will use skills such as classification and experimentation. The students must therefore be supplied with various samples of plants.

Instructor Biography

Sara Alzahid graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry and also attained a diploma in Computers, with courses in neuro-linguistic programming. She has been trained in both Integrated Curriculums and Think-based Learning (TBL) and is an Associate Trainer of Cognitive Research Training (CorT).

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