Optimizing Your Diet: What Linear Programming Can Tell You!

Optimizing Your Diet: What Linear Programming Can Tell You!


Aysegul Topcu
Senior Operations Researcher
Structured Decisions Corporation
West Newton, MA

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In this video lesson, students will learn about linear programming (LP) and will solve an LP problem using the graphical method. Its focus is on the famous "Stigler's diet" problem posed by the 1982 Nobel Laureate in economics, George Stigler. Based on his problem, students will formulate their own diet problem and solve it using the graphical method. The prerequisites to this lesson are basic algebra and geometry. The materials needed for the in-class activities include graphing paper and pencil. This lesson can be completed in one class of approximately one hour. If the teacher would like to cover the simplex algorithm by George Dantzig as an alternative solution method, an additional whole class period is suggested.

Instructor Biography

Aysegul Topcu graduated with a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University in 2009. She currently works as a senior operations researcher at the Structured Decisions Corporation in West Newton, MA where she uses operations research methods to develop mathematical models for complex logistical operations in the service industries. She truly enjoys being part of a team that works on problems she never imagined operations research has the answers for!

Additional Online Resources

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