We Chose to Study STEM and Now Are Saving Lives: Will You Choose STEM Too?

We Chose to Study STEM and Now Are Saving Lives: Will You Choose STEM Too?



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Catherine Koch
Azucena “Susy” Ramos
Yunpeng Liu
Greg Ekchian
The Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT
Cambridge, MA

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In this BLOSSOMS video lesson, three young scientists and one young engineer from MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research speak directly to high school students about their own high school and college paths leading into the healthcare field. The four interviewees in this lesson provide compelling testimonies on the rewarding nature of their work, while at the same time dispelling stereotypes about the STEM field and encouraging women and minorities to feel welcomed into it. After each of the four interviews, students are invited to participate in a brief reflective activity related to possible STEM careers. Teachers using this lesson can present the entire 28-minute video at once, which together with the brief activities would fill a 50-minute class period. Alternatively, a teacher could choose to present each of the four interviews individually. Along with this lesson on the BLOSSOMS website, teachers and students will find a list of Additional Online Resources identifying organizations across the country where students can find opportunities to learn more about STEM careers. We also encourage teachers and students to contact your local higher education institutions, research hospitals and businesses to inquire about their STEM outreach programs.

Additional Online Resources

Pathways to Science
This site maintains a national list of all STEM-related programs that is easily filtered. Choose the student age level, the type of program, your region or state, and a list of STEM choices will populate.

Exploring: Discover your future
This organization offers mentorship programs for youth to get involved and actually tackle specific steps toward a variety of possible fields.

4-h is a strong nationwide organization, often bridged with local higher education institutions. Participating students learn and work on real societal issues and often connect those issues with STEM skills.

STEM Scouts
This organization sponsors hands-on activities, field trips, and interactions with STEM professionals to help build interest in STEM-related subjects and careers.

STEMgirls Club
This club is designed just for girls to provide a safe space to express themselves and to give them the skills that will empower them to take STEM subjects at a level that will lead into STEM apprenticeships or university courses. 

STEM program in your community
This url will locate STEM outreach programs in your own community.